Why Would French Fries Taste Bad When Cold?

Why Would French Fries Taste Bad When Cold?

Yes, it is grainy, no flavor, yet mushy — could there be anything more terrible than aged, cold french fries?

But come to think of it, how does a warm, gold-like, crispy and perfect french fries change from a appetizing food that you can’t resist eating to a food that you are really eager to get away from?

One major reasons french fries will lose their attraction when cold is that their texture is altered, said Matt Hartings, an assistant professor of chemistry at American University in Washington, D.C.

That texture change can be scientifically explained by the chemistry of potatoes, Hartings revealed. Potatoes is constituted with starch. Starches taste nice when “hydrated,” he said.

See the starches in potatoes as small crystal spheres, Hartings said. At very high temperatures (like in fryers), water enters those spheres and gt them filled up like balloons, he said. Instead of a tiny, hard sphere, you eventually get something more “poofy,” he said.

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And this “poofy” texture is what people actually like, Hartings said.

However as fries get cooled down, the water begins to go out of the crystals, and the fluffy texture is lost, Hartings said. The spheres get more crystalline and grainy, he said.

So you might want to ask, where does the water escape to when it exits the starchy spheres? Right inside the exterior part of the fry, Hartings said. That transfoms the crispy outer layer that came out of the fryer into a soggy jumble.

Temperature also partly explains why the fries taste changes as they get cold, Hartings said. Simply say, heat can raise the flavours in foods, he said. Try observe how different your morning coffee usually taste when it gets cold, he added.

Lastly, smell plays a huge part in the way a food tastes, Hartings said. Fresh french fries have an awesome aroma, but when cold, the smell is almost gone, he said. Without the smell, many of the flavor vanish, he said.


Credit: LiveScience

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