Walmart Introduces App That Get Workers Paid Before Payday

Walmart Introduces App That Get Workers Paid Before Payday

Walmart is giving its staff an app to help them budget their money and get remunerated before payday.

The retailer stated on Wednesday that it collaborated with financial tech startup Even and PayActiv to make the app available to 1.4 million Walmart workers.

The Even app in realtime makes plans ahead for bills, savings goals and will display to workers the amount they can spend with no ish. It’ll also permit staff to have access to cash before a planned payday up to 8 times a year free of charge.

Walmart stated it’ll cover the costs for Even for both full and part-time workers at Walmart, Sam’s Club and its e-commerce sites. Users will need to pay a fee if they’ll like to get paid earlier more than 8 times annually.

Critics and labor unions opposed this initiative by saying the service is another Walmart way of not paying its workers enough.

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“Living paycheck to paycheck is too normal at Walmart and that’s the issue that Walmart ought to be trying to solve,” the Organization United for Respect at Walmart said.

New workers at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. are paid $9/hour. That’s beyond the $7.25/hour federal minimum wage, however lower to some of what its competitors’ pay.

Target Corp.’s, for example,minimum wage per hour is $11 and planning to increase it to $15 by 2020.


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  • this is a good initiative…I wonder why there exist critics on this…

    • JeremyR

      Well, for one, about half the people I work with there can’t actually afford smartphones…so introducing an app is kinda like a Marie Antoinette deal.

      “Workers struggling because they don’t have enough money? Clearly it cannot be because we don’t pay them enough to live on, it must because they fritter away their $1200 a month on fripperies. Let us give them an app to solve their bad behavior, it is most generous of us.”

      • Sandra Day

        Yes some do. We have a lady working 2 jobs and she is always going shopping and to concerts and complaining about how little money she has. We also have people who pay $100 or more a month on cell phone bills and buying fancy cell phones for $400-900. I have my trusty tracfone for $99 a year which works great as a phone you can even text on it if you want.

        We also have several associates who call out at least once a month who wonder why they have no money. If they took all this “wasted” money and used it for vacations or better food we would be a happier walmart. Everyone Knows it sucks to come to the end of the month and have no money.. and WE all smoke so there is more money WE waste well me and some other Walmarters.

        Bottom line is I do not trust Walmart apps or ways for them to control our money I want my money in my bank account where I can be responsible for it. You can also buy an Amazon Fire for $50 if you want something to play with apps on.

  • JeremyR

    Paying a higher wager would have been much more useful. Even something modest like $12 an hour would be a huge help for most workers

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