United Nation Urges To Tackle ‘Digital Divide’


Information and communication technology (ICT) will finally serve to upgrade livelihoods around the world, only if digital facility are available and the challenge of digital divide addressed, a latest United Nation report on the ICT has said.

In line to the Measuring the Information Society Report 2017, released by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), simultaneous proceed in the Internet of Things, big data analytics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will allow huge innovations and fundamentally transform business, government and society, Xinhua stated.

However, the digital divide stands a challenge which needs to be issued out, because the ICT and the digital economy will have the ability to transform the lives of billions only if digital resources are available, said ITU Secretary-General Zhao Houlin .

The report finds substantial balance between geographic regions in the levels of ICT development, as well as notable variation in the experience of individual countries within each region, which are mainly linked with levels of economic development.

The least advanced countries, which have over the years made headway in upgrading ICT infrastructure and connectivity, still carry on to fall behind on key indicators that can impact their position in the digital economy, such as having the minimal numbers among internet users.

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Internationally, more than half of households worldwide now have access to the internet, though the rate of growth appears to have fallen below five per cent a year.

The report also affirm on a vital progress in terms of linking the gender digital divide across the regions.

Countries will need to ease the deployment of next-generation network and service infrastructures In other to tackle the interest of a digital revolution, and to embrace strategy conducive to experimentation and innovation, while reducing potential risks to information security, privacy, and employment, the report advises.

In this year ITU’s ICT Development listing this year Iceland tops the rankings, followed by Republic of Korea and Switzerland, while Europe has the highest average score value among world regions.

As the ITU’s flagship declaration, the annual Measuring the Information Society Report is identify as the most reliable repository of data and analysis on the state of global ICT development.

It is extensively depend upon by governments, international organizations, development banks and private sector analysts and investors globally.

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