Tesla Owner Plans to make Humans Reach Mars In The Next seven Years


Tesla holder Elon Musk has disclose how his company plan to make humans reach planet Mars in next seven years (2024).

At the International Astronautical Congress in Australia Musk spoke about BFR that will be a flexible vehicle and will be replacing the current rockets – Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon.

BFR, as Musk said, will be 106 metres (347 feet) tall and 9 metres (29 feet) wide.

It is said to have 150 ton payload, which is five times of that supported given by Falcon Heavy.

Right now, Falcon Heavy is the company’s largest vehicle.

It has been mentioned that the BFR will include around 40 cabins, each of which should be able to carry two or three humans, resulting in around 100 people per flight.

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The rocket, made using company’s technology and resources, may come with reusable tankers.

Musk says that the building of BFR will begin next year and the income to make all this happen will come from companies launching satellites and servicing the ISS (International Space Station).

Like we mentioned above, the BFR is said to be a accommodating vehicle.

Musk added that the rocket can also be used to go to Moon and back.

The SpaceX head idea to make a moon base for the rocket.

The BFR’s third purpose was said to be letting people travel across Earth in half an hour, cutting the time required in flights.

“If we’re thinking of building this thing to go to the Moon and Mars, why not to other places on Earth as well,” he said.

Musk said that he aims to make this happen with customers paying same as what they do for a full fare economy for an aircraft.


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