Kaspersky Blames NSA Hack On Infected Microsoft Software

Embattled Computer security company Kaspersky Lab said that malware-infected Microsoft Office software and not its own was to hold responsible for the hacking theft of top-secret US intelligence materials. Adding tantalizing new details to the cyber-spying puzzle that has swayed the US intelligence community, Kaspersky also stated that there was …


Amazon, Microsoft Launch Deep Learning Platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft have join force to launch an open-source and deep learning interface ‘Gluon’ that will help developers to deploy machine learning models across several platforms. According to a report, the interface enhance developers a place where they can prototype, build, train and deploy machine learning …


Microsoft And General Electric Invest In Irish Wind Technology

Two of the world’s giant engineering companies pick Ireland to test out new wind power technology that can provide smooth flows of clean energy to data centres. Microsoft signed a 15-year deal with General Electric to acquire all the electricity generated at a new 37-megawatt wind farm in Co Kerry, …


Microsoft, Facebook, And Telxius Complete Aspiring Undersea Cable Project

precisely one year ago , Microsoft, Facebook, and Telxius publicly announced plans for Marea, a new cross-Atlantic sub-sea cable that would allow the companies to better serve their customers using their online services. Today Microsoft announced completion of the project, saying it will help the world by better meeting the …

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