Alyssa Stringfellow car insurance

Woman “Funny” Car Insurance Photo Went Viral Globally

A United States motorist’s “embarrassing” car insurance mix-up has gone viral on internet globally. Alyssa Stringfellow, from Arkansas, posted on Facebook how she unintentionally sent pictures of herself to an insurance company instead of photos of her car. The mother, 25 years, said she would have to send across to …


Facebook Teams Up With Australian Government To Fight Revenge Porn

Facebook is collaborating with an Australian government organization in creating a new technology that aims to stop sexual or intimate images from being distributed online without the subject’s consent. As reported by eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant, one in five Australian women aged 18-45 and one in four indigenous Australians …


Facebook Says Security Investments Will affect Profitability

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO said that the company is serious about stopping abuse and that its investments in keeping “difficult content” off its social network will affect the degree of their financial gain. “keeping our community safe is more important than maximizing our profits,” Zuckerberg stated this. For now, Facebook …


Facebook Says 126 Million Americans May Have seen Russia-Linked Political Posts

Facebook said that Russia based agent report about 80,000 posts on the social network over a two-year period in an attempt to shake United States politics and that about 126 million Americans may have spot the posts during that period. Facebook’s current data on the Russia-linked posts maybe reaching around …


Facebook Helps Children To Fight Cyber-bullying In UK Schools

Facebook said on Monday it would make some money available for young “digital safety ambassadors” in every secondary school in Britain to assist students tackle cyber bullying and other online dangers. The United State company is partnering charities The Diana Award and Child-net International to train young people to act …


Facebook To Hire Over 1000 People To Review And Remove Ads

Facebook has said it will employe more than 1,000 people to foil deceptive ads crafted to knock elections off course. The announcement came as the leading social network turned over to Congress some 3,000 Russia-linked ads that appeared to use hot-button issues to turn people against one another ahead of …

facebook and twitter

EU Gives Facebook, Twitter Last Warning On Hate Speech

The European Union on Thursday gave an final statement to Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies to rid their platforms of hate speech or face legal action. The European Commission, EU’s top regulator, said the social media firms are still failing to act fast enough. It said it would …


Microsoft, Facebook, And Telxius Complete Aspiring Undersea Cable Project

precisely one year ago , Microsoft, Facebook, and Telxius publicly announced plans for Marea, a new cross-Atlantic sub-sea cable that would allow the companies to better serve their customers using their online services. Today Microsoft announced completion of the project, saying it will help the world by better meeting the …


Facebook To Examine Political Advertisements After Threat Of US Regulation

Facebook has launched an overhaul of how it handles paid political advertisements, giving a concession to United State lawmakers who have scare to regulate the world’s largest social network over secretive ads that run during election campaigns. The company also said it would turn over to congressional investigators the 3,000 …

European union

European Union Lose Approximately 5.4 billion Euro In Tax From Facebook And Google

European Union states could have lost 5.4 billion euros in tax revenues from Google and Facebook between 2013 and 2015, according to a report of the European Union lawmaker responsible for a corporate tax reform that could upgrade online large’ tax bill. The document, seen by Reuters, will be prepared …

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