Sylvester Stallone Accused Of Sexual Assault


The current Hollywood megastar to be hold responsible for sexual assault is Sylvester Stallone, leading many to question if there will ever be an end to this bizarre shame for the industry.

Stallone has held up franchises like The Expendables, Rambo, and Rocky during his 47-year career in movie industry.

Sylvester Stallone not just an actor, he is also a writer has been directing movies for many years.

Yet, he is now facing questions over some very serious allegation.

As stated by police report secure by The Daily Mail, Stallone and his now deceased bodyguard Michael De Luca are both charged of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl while filming Over the Top in July 1986.

The victim claim that she was staying at the same hotel as Stallone and De Luca when she was invited up to actor’s room.

Stallone would’ve been 40 at that time, and the report proceed to say that the pair had sex while De Luca remain in the bathroom.

The occurrence is said to have increase rapidly when Stallone instigated a threesome, forced the girl to give both men oral sex, and then scare to “bash her head in” if she went to the police.

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She has stayed unknown since, and although going to the police at the time, she was said to be too “ embarrassed and guilty” to press charges against either of the men.

As for the report, retired detective sergeant John Samolovitch control the sexual assault unit at the time and establish it to be true.

The Stallone case in just one in a number of high-profile assault claims in recent weeks.

Beginning with Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood has been tear apart as actors, directors, and crew from across the film industry have been charged of unsuitable behavior.

The big question is how this could/should affect Stallone’s future in the movie industry.

With his movie that is about to release like Creed II and a presumed return as Stakar Ogord in the MCU, this could be the tip of a huge iceberg for the screen icon. Stallone’s spokesperson have been contacted for comment, but there is no word yet on what the action star has to say about these claims.

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