Spain Court Blocks Catalan Parliament Session


Spain’s authorized court has adjourn a session of the Catalan parliament where separatists were preparing to announce independence.

A debate and vote had been set for Monday, with a pronouncement thought likely to follow some time after.

But the court ordered postponement of that session while it hears an appeal by rival Catalan politicians, a spokeswoman said.

If the session continue, the parliament’s leaders could face legal action.

Catalan’s president, Carles Puigdemont, and other senior politicians from the northeast region have said they are ready to go to jail in other gain freedom.

The country’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, earlier persuade Catalonia’s political leaders to quit plans to declare independence to avoid “greater evils”.

In other developments, Spain’s Caixabank said to be considering moving its legal base outside Catalonia, according to a source speaking to the Reuters news agency.

The crisis comes after Catalonia hold a controversial and unlawful vote at the weekend on breaking from Spain.

Police seized ballot boxes, chase people out of polling stations and fired rubber bullets at protesters – with hundreds reportedly injured.

The Spanish government said it had acted lawfully to try to stop the vote, which had been declared against the law by the constitutional court.

Mr Puigdemont made use of a Television medium on Wednesday to say his government would “do the will of the Catalan people”.

He also tag Spain’s government “irresponsible” for not agreeing to talks.

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“This moment calls for intervention,” he said. “We have received many offers in the last hours and we will receive more.

“I will repeat it as many times as i need to: discussion and agreement are part of the political culture of our people.

“However, the state has not given any good answer to those offers.”

Mr Rajoy’s office responded that if Catalonia wants negotiation, it “first needs to respect the law”.

Spain’s King Felipe said in a TV statement on Tuesday that Catalan authorities had acted irresponsibly and intentionally broken the law by voting.

The political crisis has created fears the Spanish army could be moved in to enforce direct rule on the region from Madrid.

Madrid have authority to delay the semi-independent prestige that Catalonia enjoys under Spain’s system of regional governments.

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