Some Navy Sailors’ Corpse Have Been Found After The USS John S McCain Clash

USS navy ship wreched

A United States admiral has stated the search for the naval officials yet not found is still in progress till all possibilities had been used.
Divers searching for 10 lost sailors on a US warship that crashed with an oil tanker have found their corpse.

The effect of Monday’s clash off Singapore tore a vacuum on one part of the USS John S McCain, overflow sections that involved a crew sleeping area.

The accident, that also left 5 sailors wounded, was the second fatal crash within two months which included a US warship and the US Navy has opened a fleet-wide scrutiny.

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Commander of the United States Pacific naval Admiral Scott Swift has verified the search operation had resulted to the recovery of some corpse and would continue till all hope had been tried.

Efforts by the ship’s crew after the crash were able to stop flooding into other side of the ship, it’s now anchored at Singapore’s Changi Naval Base for damage evaluation.

Admiral Swift reported “The divers could find some corpse in those sealed parts in their search today.”

“Also, the Malaysian command have announced that they have seen possible corpse. They are in quest to verify and identify those corpse.”

United States Vice President Mike Pence said to have sailors murdered in two crashes this year was “not acceptable” and promised to “get to the root of it”.

7 sailors died in June at the time the USS Fitzgerald and a container vessel clashed in waters off Japan.

Please recall the two incidents in the first half of this year when the USS Antietam protected missile yacht ran under the water near Yokosuka base in January, and the USS Lake Champlain had a little clash with a South Korean fishing boat in the 5th month this year.

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