Six Million Instagram Accounts Hacked, Celeb Inclusive

instagram hackers

A clan of some hackers have used a bug early this week to retrieve the phone numbers and email addresses of about 6 million Instagram user and this information is on sale on internet

The hackers majorly focused on celebrities and verified accounts. Selena Gomez’s account, which was said to be hacked two days ago, was claimed to be among.

The hackers made use of this glitch in Instagram’s system and started posting nude photos of the musician and actor’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber into her 125-million followers account.

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According to a list sent to the Daily Beast, the hackers stated 1,000 names of many famous icons including musicians, sports celebs , and media big names.

The hackers also successfully retrieved the details of unverified accounts and are currently selling this huge store of data for $10 an enquiry through bitcoin.

Instagram had accepted this security error, though it disagreed to the number of users affected.

“Though we can’t say which particular accounts may have been compromised, we feel it was a low portion of Instagram accounts,” said Instagram CTO Mike Krieger.

Instagram has more than 700 million users; 6 million is definitely not a small amount to ignore, especially if it has the phone numbers and emails of the very famous Instagram users.

But, Doxagram, the website selling the info through the hackers, shows to be down at the moment. It’s not clear if this was an action taken by Instagram to close the site.

Whether the site selling the detail is no more, the hackers still possess direct contact details for many first class accounts and may likely be selling in some other media.

Instagram claimed it has since then attended to the issue and that it is working with the police.

The fact still remains the error reveals certain susceptibility in Instagram’s system and the global social platform will probably has to take further controls to strengthen up on security for celebrities and other with an account.

“Guarding the community has been of high piority to Instagram everly, and we are frequently working to ensure Instagram is safer. We deeply apologise for this ,” Krieger wrote.

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