Star Wars Episode 9 Director Colin Trevorrow Part Ways

Colin Trevorrow out of star wars

Writer and director Colin Trevorrow has “departed” from the producers of Star Wars: Episode 9.

Lucasfilm stated Trevorrow wouldn’t be able to work on the film franchise’s next episode due to “differing aspiration”.

A write up on the official Star Wars site went thus: “Lucasfilm and Colin Trevorrow have agreed to separate on Star Wars: Episode 9”

“Colin has been a great collaborator all through the development period however we have all concluded that our aspirations for the project are not the same.

“We all wish Colin all the best and will soon start sharing more details about the movie soon.”

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From The Hollywood Reporter, the major bedrock of the disagreement between the two parties was over the script, with Trevorrow being made to write again and again it many times.

The publication also stated that the relationship between Trevorrow and Lucasfilm’s chairman, Kathleen Kennedy was out of hand.

Though she had tried never to lose another director, however, it added.

In June, the two directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were dropped and replaced.

Lucasfilm – which is currently a Disney subsidiary – made the decision to fire the men behind the recent Han Solo spin-off, in the middle through production.

From the studio, Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s comic sounds were not according to the dream Lucasfilm had for the franchise.

Star Wars: Episode 9, featuring John Boyega, is set to be released in 2019.

Flash back to the Star Wars Last Jedi Official Trailer…


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