Santi Cazorla Injury Worst I have Seen: Arsene Wenger


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger disclose that Santi Cazorla’s ankle injury is the most serious injury he has ever seen, but has decline to rule out that the midfielder will return in January.

Cazorla has not present for the Gunners since October 2016 after he suffer an achilles problem during their 6-0 Champions League win over Ludogorets.

The 32-year-old disclosed at the beginning of this month that he was once told by a doctor he would be lucky to walk again after almost losing his foot due to a serious contamination.

Due to the treatment Cazorla has lost eight centimetres of his achilles tendon and has been subjected to eight surgeries since the problem with his ankle started in 2013.

Arsene Wenger at the begining of this season left Cazorla out of his 25-man Premier League squad with the hope for him to come back in January, and the 68-year-old is still positive that could be the case.

“It is the most serious injury (I have seen),” the Gunners boss said.

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“It started with a pain in the achilles and it has gone from bad to worse and I must say I know how much Santi loves to play football for this club and loves to be out there every day and I feel very sorry for what happened to him, because it is unbelievable.

“One Month ago i saw him, he was here, and I told him to get ready as well as he can.

“He has capable medical expert around him and he tries to practice, but I have not spoken to him recently but I hope he comes back.

I didn’t include him in the squad, hoping he would be ready in January.”

When Arsene wenger was asked if there were doubts over whether Cazorla would ever play again, the Arsenal manager replied: “Let’s not talk about that, but I hope you are incorrect.”

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