Pawn Stars Showcase Original Christopher Reeve Superman Costume

Christopher-Reeve Superman

Christopher Reeves’ pioneer Superman: The Movie costume has been recently used in reality series, Pawn Stars.

The History Channel show goes with the business administration of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada – a all-day pawn shop controlled by Rick, Richard, and Corey Harrison with their family friend Austin Russel.

In the period of its 14-season run, the production has encountered some of the uncommon pieces of artifacts, and the current one among them is the iconic Man of Steel battle costume worn by Reeves in Richard Donner’s popular Superman live-action movie.

The 1978 movie is seen as a classic of the comic book film genre and a milestone in wider theatre. Meanwhile there are earlier repetition of Superman on the big screen – both live-action and animated, Richard Donner’s movie is the one that projected the character to really great length, with Reeves’ name still attached to the character even when other actors have also assumed the cast.

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In a part in a new episode of Pawn Stars posted on History, Richard and Corey were welcomed by a mannequin wearing the Superman costume.

The seller stated that he originally got it from an auction some four years back and is set to put it up for sale to finance new investment pieces.

While the older Harrison was a bit less excited, his son was clearly happy with what they were able to get. Unluckily, Richard still had the final decision on purchases, he and the seller could not reach an agreement costume price, so the trade didn’t go through.

It is normal for Pawn Stars to use comic book and comic book-related stuffs; at a point, the show even contributed to Marvel’s most heroic characters, Stan Lee, to rate an uncommon Spider-Man comic outfit that he supposedly signed.

Definitely, although he did not realize any sale, adding Reeves’ Superman outfit to the series inventory, essentially promoting it is seeking a buyer and assisting him easily connect to those who really will like to include it in their collection.

As Reeves’ original Superman costume go on finding a new home, the recent repition of the superhero acted by Henry Cavill is hoping to meet Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg in their 1st ever team-up film, Justice League, ready to release next month.

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