Nintendo Switch 64GB Game Cartridges Delayed Till 2019

Nintendo Switch 64GB Game Cartridges Extended Till 2019

One of the awesome decisions made by Nintendo with the Nintendo Switch was the usage of memory cards as game cards/cartridges.

But this has kept the mark small, which is prominent when considering the fact that Switch was created to be played on the go, however, the issue was the comparison with Blu-ray discs, storage is somewhat big.

If you were hoping for huge open-world games like GTA V on the Nintendo Switch soonest, you need to have a rethink.

One of the factors affecting the hybrid console has been storage capacity on its game cartridges. Recently, Nintendo Switch cartridges can just save at most 32GB of data.

This causes an issue for bigger games like GTA V and The Witcher 3 as their file sizes shoot over 50GB.

What this actually implies is that developers who may have file sizes of games bigger than 32GB will not be able to get all the data into the card.

An option which will be that the main game files would be saved on the game card, and the remaining downloaded on the web and saved on the Switch or a memory card.

The only disadvantage here is that there will be need for an internet connection, and in some instances may not often be possible, most especially when gamers only want to plug in and play directly.

However Nintendo has it in plan to launch game cards having larger storage capacities, like 64GB game.

A report gotten from The Wall Street Journal, that rollout might be extended. The report affirmed that according to people who are aware of the matter, Nintendo has delayed launching 64GB game cards till 2019.

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“Nintendo had it in plan to make 64GB cards ready to partner developers in the 2nd half of 2018, however it lately told them that it’s extending the date back to 2019 after some technical issues, according to people who are directly aware of the conversation,” The Wall Street Journal report claims.

It went ahead to state that US-based game publishers were “disappointed” with the news and that they “ will have to wait for the 64GB card to launch those types of games for the Switch.”

At this time, not much Western publishers agree with the Nintendo Switch. For example, LA Noire and Doom have upgraded to the console but with a 14GB and 9GB download to witness all they need to offer.

What’s more pressing is to expect games making use of bigger cartridges to cost more.

“If a publisher needs to put a game on a 32GB cartridge on Switch it costs 60% more for them than it would for a 50GB Blu-Ray on PS4/Xbox One,” a game analyst, Daniel Ahmad, tweeted.


“Full Priced Retail Software Publisher Gross Margin 50GB Blu-Ray = 55% 32GB Switch cart = 45% That is one reason Switch games cost more,” he added.

This is already happening. In Japan, Square Enix costs JPY 1,000 more for Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 on the Nintendo Switch on its PS4 version . At the time most of the games use 16GB or 8GB cartridges.


Credit : Gadget NDTV

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