Kaspersky Blames NSA Hack On Infected Microsoft Software


Embattled Computer security company Kaspersky Lab said that malware-infected Microsoft Office software and not its own was to hold responsible for the hacking theft of top-secret US intelligence materials.

Adding tantalizing new details to the cyber-spying puzzle that has swayed the US intelligence community, Kaspersky also stated that there was a China connection to the hack.

Anti-virus software maker that is base in Moscow, which is now prohibit on US government computers because of suppose connections to Russian intelligence, establish that someone did evidently steal precious National Security organization programs from an NSA worker’s home computer, the Wall Street Journal said this at first on October 5.

The person that do this had top hidden files and programs from the the Equation Group which is also known as NSA hacking unit on his computer, which was also using Kaspersky software safety, the journal report

They think that Russian agent used the Kaspersky program as a back door to discover and draw off the files, reportedly causing harm to the NSA’s own cyber-spy operations.

United States claim that Kaspersky, that vend more than $600 million of anti-virus software internationally in 2015, intentionally or unintentionally assist Russian intelligence in the theft have effectively killed its US business and hurt its global reputation.

Using its own forensic analysis, Kaspersky said the violation of the NSA worker’s computer took place between September and November 2014, rather than 2015 as the Journal stated.

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Kaspersky report that what was stolen comprises of vital source code for some Equation Group malware, as well as classified documents.

The company claimed, however, that the computer was infected by other malware, including a Russian-made “backdoor tool” concealed in Microsoft Office.

computer server base in Hunan, China that is where the the malware was run from, and would have opened a way into the computer for anyone aiming an NSA worker, Kaspersky computer scurity company said

Kaspersky’s own software would have noticed that malware, the company said, except that its software had been turned off.
“To install and run this malware, the user must have disabled Kaspersky Lab products on his machine,” it claimed.

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