Jason Stockley, The St. Louis Police Officer Proven Innocent For Killing The Black Man

Jason Stockley set free

Now it happens again: A white police indicted of allegedly shooting at and murdering a black man was found innocent by a court.

The current case is in St. Louis. There, a judge on Friday ruled ex-domestic police, Jason Stockley, innocent of first-degree killing for the 2011 shooting of black motor driver Anthony Lamar Smith.

“The Court, in good wisdom, cannot say that the region has revealed all component of murder above any way of doubt, or that the region has shown that the defendant didn’t try to defend himself,” St. Louis Circuit justice Timothy Wilson revealed in his ruling.

Stockley shot at and murdered Smith owing to a police pursue over a suspected drug deal, proclaiming that he hesitated the 24-year-old black man was running into his vehicle to get a gun. However prosecutors insisted that Stockley had installed a revolver to warrant the murder.

As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch stated, video coverage revealed clearly Stockley returning to a police vehicle to go through a duffel bag.

And Smith, who had already died at this point, is pulled out of his vehicle, and Stockley enters Smith’s car. Prosecutors made this suggestion that was at the time he reportedly placed the revolver in Smith’s vehicle.

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Prosecutors affirmed that Stockley can also be heard in police dashboard camera video coverage mentioning that he “will kill this motherfucker, don’t you know it.” Stockley’s defense argued he didn’t say this, and it’s not easy to make out in the clip.

Tests, however, showed that the revolver just had Stockley’s DNA, and not Smith’s. But many videos of the scene didn’t pick Stockley really holding the gun.

Judge Wilson stated he was not convinced after “[a]gonizingly” revising the exhibits.

He insisted that the gun was very big for Stockley to successfully hide it from the cameras, and, citing professional observers, that the insufficient DNA proof does not imply Smith is not the owner of the gun.

He also said it would be odd if Smith did not own a gun, given that he’s thought to be a drug dealer: “Eventually, the Court noted, from its close to 30 years on the bench, that an city drug dealer not having a gun would be an abnormality.”

Though, the judgement has motivated protests in the St. Louis region, close to the place protesters also rallied against the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014. For protesters, this is another sample of a police being freed with unnecessarily shooting and murdering a black man.

Saint Louis Protest

This case also indicates the reason it is very difficult to penalize officers for these shootings: From the law, law enforcements just need to reasonably notice a danger for a shooting to be warranted — even if a danger is not really there.

Both Stockley and his partner swore they sighted a gun before they started shooting, which could be okay to legally warrant a shooting under these standards.

Al Watkins, an judge for Smith’s spouse, Christina Wilson, advised all to “be tranquility” after the judgement.

However pressure is still high over racial inequality in US policing, with the court’s judgement only making matters worse


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