Germany Unlisted Tesla Model S From EV Incentive Eligibility List

tesla model s car germany

Germany governing body controlling the country’s electric vehicle incentives program has taken off the Tesla Model S from the list of cars qualified to receive a tax refund, the company said.

Giving the notion that it’s “impossible” to purchase the base version without including more features — the base price of the model will be above €60,000 making the model ineligible for the subsidy program.

Tesla has denied this, stating that it has delivered just kind of cars to customers in Germany many times already.

“This is a total false accusation. Anybody in Germany can buy a Tesla Model S plain version with no additional package, and such vehicles have been received customers,” Tesla claimed.

tesla  model s germany

You could vividly remember that the €1 billion subsidy program started last year in Germany — and controlled by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Controls (BAFA) — is partially funded by the German auto industry. Alternatively, it is funded by and meant to favour German firms — firms having a close relationship with the country’s economy and the government.

It should not be too shockingly to see a silent reinterpretation of the policies made to remove a foreign firm which seems to also benefit

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In a better explanation, taking a look at the electric models on sale at the time of the subsidy and the associated pricing, it’s obvious that the line between eligible and ineligible was selected mainly to block the entitlement of the base-level Tesla Model S, and actually to make sure the subsidy mostly favours German manufacturers (Tesla is one of the only foreign firms who managed to make sales of few electric car units a year there).

Back to the main issue, Tesla’s statement recognised the fact that the company would be scrutinizing to ensure that no potential customers were discouraged from buying the base-level Model S without any packages.

“If any sales person tells a customer they can’t buy the Model S base version without the comfort package, this isn’t correct and clearly out of our policies and procedures, we will investigate and appropriately act as necessary,” the statement read,

This publication came after earlier reports from the German magazine “Auto Bild” that BAFA was examining reports that the base level version could not be bought without packages and was looking removing the company from the eligibility list.

Be reminded, the subsidy gives buyers of all-electric vehicles around €4,000 and buyers of plug-in hybrids (PHEV) around €3,000.


Credit : Clean Technica

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