Eye Tattoo Is Not Just Advisable – A Model Shares Her Experience

eye tattoo

Do you remember the kiddies’ saying “stick a needle in my eye”? Well, it is meant to show how solemn you’re about something and not really imply you should puncture your eye with needle.

However that is apparently what sclera tattooing means: use of a needle to inject ink into the eye whites (also referred to as the sclera) to change the colour.

Catt Gallinger, 24, a model from Ottawa, Canada, tried this kind of eyeball tattoo with terrible outcome and this time she warns everybody about the risk via social media. Her Facebook post stated:

“This is the cause of and undiluted ink, over injection, not smaller injections sights. There are many people who can witness that my aftercare was awesome and any other aspect of what I say. I’m NOT sharing this to cause any trouble, I’m sharing this to advise you to make research on who you get your procedures by also how the procedure should be well done. I’ve been to the clinic 3 times, I had no hairy pets to cause any form of dandruff, and I wash my hands all time that I do anything with my eye, before and after. I was on antibiotic drops for the 1st one and half weeks and have been on steroid drops for 4 days now, with minor success at subsiding the internal swelling. The external swelling prolonged for close to a week. The pictures reveal the day of (purple drop), the following day (swollen shut) and now, after 3 weeks. I will include more all through the process. You need to be careful who you get your mods from and do your findings. I do not want anyone else to experience this. I’ll be posting updates in the process openly on my wall.”

This is a Tweet showing the state of her eye later:


Then a video on Youtube:


You see for yourself, agony, exerting purple tears, terrible eye swelling and loss of sight as a result. She intended using antibiotic eye drops but eventually had to go to a clinic.

With time, we’ll know how much of her sight she will be able to regain eventually and may be more complications will happen.

Illustration of how the eye functions

The eye is not a simple structure as many think and machine serving lots of functions. Altering the structure in any form may be like randomly creating holes and puntiuring things into your vehicle.

Even if the needle does not enter so deep, it still touches the sclera (the white opaque part of the eye), which is unbroken with the cornea (the vivid part of the eye front that functions as the window at which light passes).

The sclera and the cornea both make up the outer part of the eyeball (not counting the part of tears and mucus on the top and the conjunctiva, a thin semi-transparent membrane that shields the eyeball).

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Since the sclera and cornea are both connected and the sclera helps to retain the eyeball shape, even if you manage to prevent piercing the cornea, harming or injecting something like ink or microorganisms into the sclera may eventually affect the cornea.

Sight an example, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) website added a situation in which ink inserted in to the sclera ended up gettong to the innermost part of the cornea also the retina.

The cornea, as the National Eye Institute (NEI) website demonstrated, itself has many layers, with each serving a vital role.

The top of the cornea is called epithelium, a lining of cells that lets your eye take in oxygen and nutrients from tears and the outside world and shield your eye from external substances like water, dust, dirt and microorganisms.

Harming your corneal epithelium in any form may damage its power to guard and feed your eye. Picture this as clearly destroying the outside doors and your car walls.

Even when you patch up the damaged part, your car may never be shielded as well anymore.

Your corneal epithelium also possess thousands of nerve endings, which is the reason getting even a dot of dust in your eye can be very much painful.

Pain is the way your body says to you, “Nooo, do not do this.” , so your body tries to have many nerve endings in parts that it needs to guard, like your groin and eye.

Next is the indepth part of the cornea, Bowman’s membrane, which gives further safety to the eye and has collagen. Toiling with a collagen layer is like going to a well-manicured field with a scimitar and haphazardly hacking away.

Plants may actually grow back, but they mostly grow not being organised. So also, hurting the collagen layer with a foreign stuffs can result to collagen growing again to form a mark. Scars can then damage the power to see.

There is more collagen with water in the next part, the stroma, the thickest part of the cornea and sclera. The mixture of water and protein maintains the cornea rather elastic and transparent.

Also there is fluid going round that flows from inside the eye to the stroma and back out again with the assistance from the endothelium.

Overall, to protect the rest of your eye, the corneal layers takes care of a majority (65% to 75%) of your eye’s capability to centre light and images onto your retina, the part that transmits images to your brain.

Your cornea and your latent lens bend the light in a way that it touches the retina (which is located at the back of your eyeball). So disturbin your cornea in some ways can make images blurry, unconcentrated or even inability to see.

Thus, eye tattoo is too risky. It also can’t be regulated. There are no assurance that the tools used are clean, that the tattoo artists are inclined about the knowledge of the eye, or that the items injected into the eye will not injure you.

Beware of any assurance of safety of eye tattoo. It could end up in a bad infection, damage or loss of sight, even death from complexities.

Gallinger advise seriously that anyone who has interest in eye tattoo should endeavour to learn more about the artists and their profiles and confirm from their customers before giving chance to insert a needle in your eye. Let me stress it better: Just do not do it.

Is it actually worth the risk of losing your vision and chance of your living to change the colour of your eyes? One obstacle, one complexity, and you may actually not be able to see at anything ever in your lifetime.

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