Google faces Antitrust Investigation In Missouri

Missouri’s attorney general said his office would enquirer into whether Alphabet Inc’s Google breach the state’s consumer safety and antitrust laws. A Republican Josh Hawley trying to unseat Democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill in next year’s elections, declare at a press conference that he provide an investigative subpoena to Google. …

alibaba single day record

Alibaba Hits Single’s Day Record Sales Again – $25 billion

Alibaba is setting record from time to time. Now, another Single’s Day record has emerged when the e-commerce leader made sales of more than $25 billion in product on the Chinese largest online shopping date. In its full figure comes 163.8 billion RMB, which is approx. $25.4 billion. This has …


Twitter Set To Expand 280-Character Tweets

Twitter propose to increase the number of characters in tweets from 140 to 280 for larger number of users. The new limit will not apply to tweets written in Japanese, Chinese and Korean which can carry more information in a single character. The change follows a try out among a …


Toyota Seeks More Investments In Israeli Auto Tech, Robotics

Auto giant Toyota Motor Corporation is attempting to find  more investments in Israeli robotics and vehicle technologies after its venture arm create a $14 million investment in Intuition Robotics in July. The startup, which makes robots for the elderly, was the first Israeli investment for Toyota AI Ventures, a new …


Twitter Overhauls Rules On how It Controls Abusive Behavior

Twitter is refurbishing its rules fon how it wants its users to conduct themselves on the site following criticism of how the platform enforces its strategy. The new rules, which Twitter released today, did not alter the basic plans of its previous rules but rather seek to simplify its policies …


New AI Method Outsmarts CAPTCHA Security System

Scientific researchers have create a fresh artificial intelligence (AI) system to break CAPTCHA, the software that was developed to prevent robot from gaining access to websites. CAPTCHA dares people to show that they are human by identifying combinations of letters and numbers that machines would battle to complete accurately. It …

e-cigarette smoking

New Study Suggests Smoking E-Cigarette May Be Harmful To the Lung In A Special Way

Use of e-cigarette across the globe is getting popular, especially among the youth. In 2016 the United State Surgeon General revealed a 900% increase in e-cigarette usage among high school students between 2011 and 2015. Although, e-cigarette vapour undoubtedly does not contain the same forms of carcinogenic compounds as usual …

fbi apple

FBI Unable To Access About 7000 Devices Due To Encryption

The FBI is not able to retrieve data from more than 50% of the mobile devices it intended to access in less than 1 year, Director of FBI, Christopher Wray, made this statement on Sunday, bitterly heating up in a debate between technology firms and law enforcement agencies in a …


Twitter Promise Tougher Action Against Abuse

Twitter is planning to impose new reductions on pornographic and hateful imagery as part of a renewed effort to fight abuse on its social network. The United States company has also said it plan to analyze user complaints more quickly. The efforts are outlined in a leaked email from the …


Russia Charge Telegram For Not Giving Backdoor Access

A Russia court Today fined the popular Telegram messenger app for not provide the country’s security services with encryption keys to read users’ messaging data. A Moscow court charge an 800,000-ruble fine (about $14,000/12,000 euros) over Telegram’s failure to “provide law enforcement agencies with information” about its users and their …

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