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North Korea Issue Fresh Threat To United States

Adding fuel to the ongoing battle between United States and North Korea, United Nation envoy of North Korea declared that a nuclear war may start any moment. On Tuesday, North Korea’s deputy UN ambassador warned the UN General Assembly (UNGA) that the Korean Peninsula crisis had reached the “touch and …


Spain Rules Catalonia Referendum Illegal

Earlier today Spain’s top court ruled Catalonia’s independence referendum unlawful, saying that the regional law backing it breach Spain’s constitution. The Catalan government had passed the “self-determination referendum law” on September 6. Spain’s high court said the law must be suspended temporarily as it rated the Spanish government’s opposition to …


United State President Donald Trump Seeks End To ‘Chain Immigration’

Donald Trump Repeat that there is need to end chain migration, which he said is critical in order to create a system that prefers Americans over foreign workers. Trump said this is part of his immigration plans forward to the Congress last week, which he said closes dangerous loopholes that …


Cancer Recurrence May Be Prevented With Immunotherapy

New research reveal why cancer unexpectedly recur after a patient is cleared of the disease. The new research involve collaborative effort among scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, the Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology, and the University of Surrey in Guildford, which all reside in the …


Catalan Separatists Kept Behind Bars

A Spanish court has ordered the leaders of two strong separatists organisations in Catalonia to be detained, a move that could cause tensions to increase. Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez, presidents of the pro-independence groups Omnium Cultural and the Catalan National Assembly are locked up on agitation charges. On Monday …


Russia Charge Telegram For Not Giving Backdoor Access

A Russia court Today fined the popular Telegram messenger app for not provide the country’s security services with encryption keys to read users’ messaging data. A Moscow court charge an 800,000-ruble fine (about $14,000/12,000 euros) over Telegram’s failure to “provide law enforcement agencies with information” about its users and their …


Facebook Helps Children To Fight Cyber-bullying In UK Schools

Facebook said on Monday it would make some money available for young “digital safety ambassadors” in every secondary school in Britain to assist students tackle cyber bullying and other online dangers. The United State company is partnering charities The Diana Award and Child-net International to train young people to act …


Olaudah Equiano: Google Doodle For Today, Who He Is

Olaudah Equiano, the activist who participated ending slave trade, has been exonerated with a Google Doodle today which could have been his 272nd birthday. Olaudah Equiano, aka Gustavus Vassa for most of his lifetime, was known to have been born in the Eboe region, now southern Nigeria, on October 16th, …

vitamin D

Aiming At Vitamin D Receptors May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Selecting vitamin D receptors in insulin-producing cells could be a successful way to stop type 2 diabetes, a new study proposed. Researchers establish that treating mice with vitamin D, lithocholic acid (LCA) propionate, and other vitamin D receptor agonists stopped the differentiation in mouse-derived beta cells, which is a process …


Egypt Extends State Of Emergency For Three Months

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has issued an order extending the state of emergency for another three months, starting Friday. The decision, which was issued in the Official newspaper on Thursday, stated: “The armed and police forces shall take the necessary action to challenge the dangers of terrorism and its …

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