e-cigarette smoking

New Study Suggests Smoking E-Cigarette May Be Harmful To the Lung In A Special Way

Use of e-cigarette across the globe is getting popular, especially among the youth. In 2016 the United State Surgeon General revealed a 900% increase in e-cigarette usage among high school students between 2011 and 2015. Although, e-cigarette vapour undoubtedly does not contain the same forms of carcinogenic compounds as usual …

fbi apple

FBI Unable To Access About 7000 Devices Due To Encryption

The FBI is not able to retrieve data from more than 50% of the mobile devices it intended to access in less than 1 year, Director of FBI, Christopher Wray, made this statement on Sunday, bitterly heating up in a debate between technology firms and law enforcement agencies in a …

north korea nuclear missile test

North Korea: One More Nuclear Test Could Push State Off The Cliff – Notable Chinese Academic Advises

If North Korea keeps carrying out nuclear missile test, the regime “will seek to perish”, a significant Chinese academic has advised. Chong Sho-Hu, International Relations professor at Beijing’s Renmin University, said Pyongyang was “upright on the cliff edge ” and advised that “one light punch” might push it off. He …

Madagascar Black Death

Brits Warned To Stay Away From Madagascar Owing To BLACK Death Plague

THE Black Death epidermic in Madagascar is increasing, health personnel advising “nobody is safe” from the fatal plague. As the deaths count to not less than 100, the United Kingdom Government has advised British tourists to stay away from the plague-hit regions on the holiday island. Health officials stated the …


Spain Plans To Force Catalonia Into January Elections

The Spanish government has gain opposition support to disband Catalonia’s parliament and hold another elections in January in an attempt to disarm the regional government’s demand for independence. The main opposition Socialists said that they would support a package of remarkable measures to force central rule on the region, who …


EU Leaders Plan On Taxing Online Giants

European Union leaders on Thursday said that they looked ahead to see plans on taxing online giants by early 2018 but in a signal which concern other countries like Ireland said EU attempts had to be in line with work under way at a global level. Some Countries in Europe …


United State Should Shed Bias Against China: Chinese Official

Today China asked the US to remove its bias outlook and work with Beijing to verify the energy for a steady and sound relations, a day after the top American envoy thrash out at the Chinese model of funding infrastructure projects and developmental activities. Lu Kang Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman …


How Irregular Fasting can Increase Weight Loss

Irregular fasting, without limiting final calorie intake, has been found to lower weight and upgrade metabolism. New study find out the molecular mechanisms behind these physiological benefits. Our current way of life, merge with longer waking hours, means that the imposed time of fasting while we sleep has steadily been …


Theresa May Promise To Make It Easy For EU Citizens

British Prime Minister Theresa May has vow to make life and costs easy for EU citizens wanting to remain in Britain after Brexit, as she’s ready to address EU leaders Today. In a letter intended for publication on Facebook, May inform EU citizens in Britain that their ranking was her …


Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer Rises Cardiac Risk

Androgen-withdrawal therapy, which is a usual treatment for prostate cancer, has been tentatively associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. New study solidifies these worries. Prostate cancer requires testosterone to increase and flourish, so androgen-withdrawal therapy (ADT) is aim to reduce the amount of testosterone in the body to …

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