Donald Trump Forward Immigration Plans To Congress

United State President Donald Trump has sent a new 70-point implementation plan to Congress suggesting the stiffest reforms ever offered by an administration, but kept mum on the H1-B visas. Trump’s appeal for sweeping immigration reforms disclose by the White house Sunday night would continue to permit the spouses and …

ivana trump

We Are In Good Terms, Despite The “Crazy” Divorce – Ivana Trump Says

Trump’s first wife, Ivana, has stated that her daughter Ivanka might contest for president, that she and Trump currently speak often and have a good relationship in spite of the “crazy” situations of their divorce. Ivana Trump got married to Donald Trump for 15 years(1977-1992) and she’s the mother of …


Donald Trump Administration Set To Scrap ACA’s Birth Control Decree

Donald Trump administration is expected to formally remove a federal health provision, as early as Friday, that needs employers to provide coverage for birth control, making good on the president’s campaign promise. Companies are instruct under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to offer their worker health treatment that covers other …

police shot a man dead

Police In Utah Shot A Black Man Dead As He Tried To Escape

United States police deadly fired a black man as he intended to escape. Click the link below from the source to watch the footage Law enforcement in Utah have been cleared over the murder, with Salt Lake City advocates saying they were just in the murder as Patrick Harmon held …


Donald Trump Urge Senate Intelligence Committee To Probe Fake News

US President Donald Trump has called on the Senate Intelligence Committee to switch its attention from Russia’s alleged meddling in America’s 2016 presidential election to probing “fake news” media in the US. In a series of tweets on Thursday, Trump made the call for inspection into “fake news networks” one …

japan earthquake

A 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Just Hits Japan

  A 6.0-magnitude earthquake has hit eastern part of Japan. Currently, there is no quick reports of casualties or destruction. The quake hit 255 east of Ishinomaki, Honshu, deeping up to 10km, the United States Geological Survey stated. The epicentre was close to 300km from Fukushima, where a tsunami activated …


Spain Court Blocks Catalan Parliament Session

Spain’s authorized court has adjourn a session of the Catalan parliament where separatists were preparing to announce independence. A debate and vote had been set for Monday, with a pronouncement thought likely to follow some time after. But the court ordered postponement of that session while it hears an appeal …


US Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Avows Allegiance To Job

US secretary of state Rex Tillerson has oppose reports that he considered stepping down because of the issue between him and the United State President Donald Trump Mr Tillerson, America’s top diplomat, told reporters: “I have never think of leaving my post as the secretary of state. I am available …


Catalans Vow To Pursue Independence

Catalonia’s agitating leadership said nothing would stop them setting up an independent republic, dismissing the criticism of Spanish King Felipe VI as the breakaway region’s president prepared to deliver his own address last night. Regional government spokesman Jordi Turull said the monarch’s criticism of Sunday’s illegal referendum, with no reference …


U.N Board Urges North Korea To End Child Discrimination

A United Nations panel for child rights on Wednesday said that North Korea was punishing children for their “parents’ crimes” or political views by bias and urged Pyongyang to end child labour. The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child, which evaluate Pyongyang’s record last month, also voiced deep …

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