Xi Jinping

Christians In China Exchange Jesus Posters With Xi Jinping Portrait

Many people who Believe in Christ in a poor territory in rural China have exchange posters of Jesus Christ for pictures of President Xi Jinping as part of a local government poverty-relief programme, a media report said. The Yugan county in Jiangxi province has a big Christian community and about …


Nuts May Protect Against Heart Disease

A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology looks at the influence of nut ingestion on the risk of cardiovascular disease. Nuts are good for the body, have recently reported on a major study showing that only a handful of nuts every day reduce the …


Google faces Antitrust Investigation In Missouri

Missouri’s attorney general said his office would enquirer into whether Alphabet Inc’s Google breach the state’s consumer safety and antitrust laws. A Republican Josh Hawley trying to unseat Democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill in next year’s elections, declare at a press conference that he provide an investigative subpoena to Google. …

Bill Gate

Microsoft Founder Bill Gate Commit $100 Million For Funds, Start Ups, To Fight Alzheimer’s

Bill Gate an entrepreneur, a businessman and Microsoft co-founder is set to devote $50 million in the Dementia Discovery Fund (DFF), an enterprise capital fund that brings together business and government to seek treatments for the brain-wasting disease. The investment is not part of his philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates …


Online gambling Faces More Restrictions In Belgium

The Constitutional Court of Belgium ordered that the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) has no power to issue a single gambling license to online operators that provide more than one product through the matching URL. The legal action started after Rocoluc NV, a land-based operator, question the practices of the Belgian …

two weeks

Britain Has Two Weeks To Make Progress On EU Divorce Bill

The European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier elevate the hope of Brexit talks failing to reach a success, saying the United Kingdom has two weeks to present itself with a better plan on the financial agreement. Mr Barnier called for “genuine and profound progress” on the three divorce issues, which …


Trump Signs Proclamation For Vietnam Veterans

United States President Donald Trump is signing a decree acknowledging the veterans of the Vietnam War. Trump is in Danang, Vietnam, the site of an American air base that was used during the Vietnam War. Today the president stood with seven veterans and commend their effort. Some of the veterans …


Iran Nuclear Deal Will Remain European Union Insists

The European Union has insisted that worries over Iran’s national missile programme and its foreign policy are not related to the nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Speaking to reporters ahead of a NATO defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels yesterday, Federica Mogherini, EU foreign policy …


Donald Trump: I Blame Previous Presidents For Huge Trade Deficit, Not China

President Donald Trump commend Chinese business front runners during his state visit to China, pointing out directly that he didn’t blame them for the huge trade shortfall with the United States. “I don’t hold China responsible,” Trump said, pointing to estimations that the trade shortfall with the United States was …


Islamic State’s Footprint Spreading In Northern Somalia: UN

A militant clique faithful to Islamic State (IS) has increased its following in northern Somalia from a few dozen in 2016 up to 200 this year, a United Nation report said, days after the faction came under United States air attack for the first time. The growing in power of …

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