star wars last jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Expresses How He Feels About Luke Dark Theory

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has opened up that he likes the fan speculation that Luke Skywalker is will belong to the dark side. Early this month, Lucasfilm broadcast the formal full-length trailer for the top-awaited new part in the Star Wars franchise with a recent poster; …

Terminator 6

Terminator 6 Set To Starts Filming In March Next Year

James Cameron’s the producer of Terminator said, Terminator 6 filming will start in March 2018. The Terminator character has been amazing since Cameron left the series after the blockbuster Terminator follow up Judgment Day, which pull in more than $520.8 million ($215 million at home, $315 million overseas) in its …


Annabelle : Creation Passes $300 million At International Box Office

The summer horror film success Annabelle: Creation has surpassed another pace at the box office by hitting above $300 million in international ticket sales. Released in cinema August 11th, the continuation to the 2014 global hit Annabelle was a success out of the gate locally, grossing $35 million domestically as …

chris..thor ragnarok TV

NEW Ragnarok TV Spot – Doctor Strange Gives Warning To Thor

A recent TV spot for Thor: Ragnarok reveals more of Doctor Strange’s cameo. In about 3 weeks, the 3rd Thor movie will be in cinema. With just two films remaining until Avengers: Infinity War – Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther – Marvel is preparing by getting the different heroes at …


Netflix Increase Subscription Prices For Both New And Longtime Subscribers

Netflix is increasing its subscription prices for both new and longtime subscribers. Judging by past history, this adjustment will encounter lots of negative reaction from users. On one level, that’s fully clear. Most people depend on a budget, and any adjustment to the said budget can conceivably be cause for …

Blade runner

Blade Runner 2049 Projected For Solid Global Box Office Opening

The recent forecast for the global premiere of Blade Runner 2049 is on, and things are going on fine for the film. Although Ridley Scott’s idea on Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? has made an excellent reputation all these years, it didn’t spend long time as …

Las Vegas

The Blade Runner 2049 Red Carpet Cancelled After Las Vegas Shooting

The shooting in Las Vegas has sent disastrous message through the nation. As people attempt to make sense of the disaster, Hollywood is turning down several of its events, because throwing a party after a tragedy would be in bad taste. As such, the decision has been made to postpone …


IT Just Crossed Another Vital Box Office Millstone

Killer clowns may be frightening in real life, but clearly audiences can’t get enough of a particular one causing confusion on the big screen. Since opening earlier this month, IT has been a critical and commercial powerhouse. September is usually a quieter period with theatrical releases, so the fact that …


Bruce Willis Set To Return For Another Die Hard movie

Bruce Willis is set to repeat his role as John McClane for a new ‘Die Hard’ movie. The 62-year-old actor starred as the wisecracking police detective in the 1988 classic movie – which was based on author Roderick Thorp’s novel ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ – and was last seen as the …

Maze Runner Death Cure

Maze Runner – The Death Cure Trailer

Maze Runner: The Death Cure reveals its first trailer. The 2nd sequel from the Maze Runner film franchise from the thriller novels by James Dashner is considering to reduce strongly with the comeback of Dylan O’Brien’s main cast, Thomas, and the other surviving Gladers as they all tend to move …

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