STAR-WARS-8 LAST jEDI episode 9

Star Wars 8 – Not All Key Roles Will Make It To Episode 9

STAR WARS new director Rian Johnson has given a hint that survival is not certain for all the key players through to Episode 9 Episode 8: The Last Jedi will be released in few days, with majority of its plot wrapped in misery, anyone could guess whether or not the …

Marvel Rising Secret Warriors

Marvel Announces Voice Casts For Their Forthcoming Movie – Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

Marvel has recently announced a new animated movie, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors that will converge a majority of their heroes. While Marvel has never stopped expanding in the animated movie department. Shows like Ultimate Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy were well-accepted, however quite a number of Marvel’s animated movies …

Bryan Singer Bohemian Rhapsody

Bryan Singer Fired 3 Weeks To Completion Of Bohemian Rhapsody Shoot

Fired Bohemian Rhapsody director Bryan Singer has disagreed to his charge of bad attitude on the set of his Freddie Mercury biopic, saying 20th Century Fox exited him after attending to the health of a sick parent instead of going on with his film. “I don’t want anything more than to …

Superman Justice League

Superman Is Pulled Closer To Comic By Justice League – Henry Cavill Thinks

Henry Cavill believes that Justice League has drawn his Superman nearer to the comic book version of the character. The actor had his first appearance as the iconic DC superhero in Zack Snyder’s 2013 movie, Man of Steel, and he repeated his role in the 2016 epic, Batman Vs Superman: …


Sylvester Stallone Accused Of Sexual Assault

The current Hollywood megastar to be hold responsible for sexual assault is Sylvester Stallone, leading many to question if there will ever be an end to this bizarre shame for the industry. Stallone has held up franchises like The Expendables, Rambo, and Rocky during his 47-year career in movie industry. …

Justice League

Justice League Projected For Second Highest DCEU Opening Weekend

Justice League is tracking to have the second biggest opening weekend at the Global box office of any DC Films segment. The Zack Snyder-directed movie is almost upon us after the cast has officially show it for the first time in Los Angeles on Monday night. With the many gossipers …

star trek trilogy

Star Wars or Star Trek? A Definite Answer Will Finally Emerge

For a period of 40 years, “Star Trek or Star Wars?” has emerged one of pop culture’s most regular binary discussion starters among nerds, there with “Marvel or DC?” and “CD or vinyl?” Briefly before 2015, you may actually argue that Star Trek had stood out as a cultural force, …


Disney Streaming Service Will Cost ‘Substantially’ Less Than Netflix

Disney CEO Bob Iger declare that the company idea to price its forthcoming independent streaming service “substantially” lower than what Netflix costs. While services like Hulu and Amazon Prime do their best to compete with Netflix’s current streaming power, it may just be Disney who symbolize the biggest threat that …


Thor: Ragnarok Passes $500 Million Globally

Thor: Ragnarok has passed the half a billion spot as it goes into its second weekend at the domestic box office. Since the entrance of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2008, the studio backing the films has seen some record earnings. All told, the MCU has passed $5 billion …

second weekend

Thor: Ragnarok Set To Top U.S. Box Office Again In Second weekend

Ragnarok carry on to control at the box office, with estimates showing it will somply win its second weekend at home. For years, the summer season was the home for huge blockbusters and tentpoles. Recent years, however, have show the right film can do well whenever it’s released. Deadpool 2 …

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