California Public Health Department Advises On The Usage Of Cellphone

Calfornia Public Health Department Advises On Cellphone Radiation

The Department of Public Health in California has given its first advice for cellphone usage, warning people to reduce subjection to their phones’ radio frequency energy.

The department quoted initial research arguing that there’s a link between human health and the “long-term, high usage” of cellphones, but emphasized that studies have not surely finalized whether cellphone radiation is destructive.

“Although the science is still in progress, there’re worries among some public health experts and the public concerning long-term, high usage and vulnerability to the energy released by cellphones,” said Dr. Karen Smith, department director, said.

“We are aware of that simple steps, like not keeping your cellphone in your pocket and taking it away from your bed at night, can aid in reducing exposure for both kids and adults.”

Cellphones is now very common in America, where 95% of the population possess one.

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The devices release radio frequency energy when they send and receive signals. Though research has not yet been finalized in particular whether vulnerability to this energy is harmful to health.

However, some studies have shown a link between frequent exposure to cellphone radiation and health issues like low sperm count, weakened memory and hearing, and an higher risk of cancer.

California advises that cellphone users of all ages take measures to reduce exposure.

“Presently much effort is not being put in controlling radiation from these devices. In fact, we are doing an awful job,” Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health and a professional on cellphone radiation, made this known to CBS San Francisco last week.

Moskowitz has been commended, partially, for the new state cellphone principle. He prosecuted the Department of Public Health in last year for hoarding details about potential risk of cellphone usage, then won the case in March.


Credit : CBS

  • It’s true..tho this might not yet have been proven by science but surely, it has some health implication…

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