Driverless Car

Who Is Meant To Die In A Driverless Car Accident? Q&A Review For The Future

Should a driverless car deviate to miss a child, knowing it will kill its passenger? Or should it maintain its lane and end a younger life? It’s deeply troubling ethical problem like these that Sandra Peter believes will hinder the mass uptake of driverless cars, possibly beyond our lifetimes. Peter, …

barcelona fc catalonia

Barcelona Yet To Decide Which League To Play If Catalonia Achieve Independence

Barcelona and its members might have to choose which football league they’ll play in if Catalonia is fully independent of Spain, club president Josep Maria Bartomeu stated on Monday. The Catalan club played secretly at the Nou Camp on Sunday, winning Las Palmas 3-0 in La Liga, as a agitation …

las vegas gun attack

Pope Shows His Remorse On Las Vegas Shooting

Pope Francis has today shown his remorse and “spiritual nearness” to the victims of the most fatal gun battle of recent in US history as aimless shooting hits Las Vegas. More than 58 people are killed and at least 500 wounded after a gunman started shooting on crowd at a …

euro drops spain catalan

Euro Drops As Investors Measures Influence Of Catalan Chaos

Euro and Spanish stocks dropped on Monday while investors intend to measure what the weekend restlessness in Catalonia implies for the future of the Spanish state and EU. After weeks of difficulty around Sunday’s independence referendum in Catalonia that Spain’s courts ruled unlawful, the deadlock worsened into uproar. About 800 …

eye tattoo

Eye Tattoo Is Not Just Advisable – A Model Shares Her Experience

Do you remember the kiddies’ saying “stick a needle in my eye”? Well, it is meant to show how solemn you’re about something and not really imply you should puncture your eye with needle. However that is apparently what sclera tattooing means: use of a needle to inject ink into …

sergio aguero

Sergio Aguero Sustained Rib Injury From The Car Crash

Man City striker Sergio Aguero has sustained a broken rib in a car accident in Holland, dealing a main punch to the Premiership leaders’ title aim. Aguero had made himself to be the power behind Man City’s push to the 1st position of the table with 6 Premiership goals this …

children holding guns

To What Extent Is It Right To Expose Kids To Guns?

Since gun possession, violent pictures in media are popular around the globe, study results underscore importance of safe gun storage. Watching film thespians making use of guns may not actually trigger children to pick a weapon up themselves, but it could imply that kids who play with guns will be …

levis-smart-jacket google and Levi's

Google and Levi’s Release Internet-Connected Wears

United States clothing company Levi’s is tackling some 1st world issues with its $350 smart jacket, powered by Google associated clothes platform Jacquard. The inability to pick calls or perform other smartphone-set actions while on a bike, standing in a jam-packed train, or lifting groceries can surely be distressing, in …

world fattest woman

World Fattest Woman, Enam Ahmed, Dies – Aged 37

An Egypt woman once known to be the heaviest woman on earth died of heart and kidney problem. Eman Ahmed, aged 37 who weighed above 500kg (1102.31 lbs) when she was heaviest, had been on treatment for many months after an operation in March. You can watch the video from …

Maze Runner Death Cure

Maze Runner – The Death Cure Trailer

Maze Runner: The Death Cure reveals its first trailer. The 2nd sequel from the Maze Runner film franchise from the thriller novels by James Dashner is considering to reduce strongly with the comeback of Dylan O’Brien’s main cast, Thomas, and the other surviving Gladers as they all tend to move …

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