ecuador 6.0 magnitude earthquake

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hit The Coast Of Ecuador

An earthquake with initial magnitude of 6.0 has hit near the coast of Ecuador. The United States Geological Survey stated the epicenter is approximately 20km (12.5 miles) from Bahia de Caraquez. The quake, which is 2km (about 15 miles) deep, happened at around 11:20 GMT (6:20 a.m. EST) on Sunday. …

tesla model s car germany

Germany Unlisted Tesla Model S From EV Incentive Eligibility List

Germany governing body controlling the country’s electric vehicle incentives program has taken off the Tesla Model S from the list of cars qualified to receive a tax refund, the company said. Giving the notion that it’s “impossible” to purchase the base version without including more features — the base price …

Melania Holiday christmas

White House Christmas Decoration – FLOTUS Unveiled

United States First Lady, Melania Trump, has released the White House Christmas decorations with quite number people stunned the reason the decorations appear so dark. The decorations were opened early this week as part of an established tradition. Read also: United State President Donald Trump Seeks End To ‘Chain Immigration’ Photos …

trans canada Nebraska

Nebraska Finally Approves Keystone XL Pipeline

The $8 billion Keystone XL pipeline owned by TransCanada secured the approval from the Nebraska Public Service Commission on Monday, finishing the final regulatory hurdle in a 9-year strive to construct a line required the convey thick crude oil from the tar sands region in Alberta to refineries on the …

star trek trilogy

Star Wars or Star Trek? A Definite Answer Will Finally Emerge

For a period of 40 years, “Star Trek or Star Wars?” has emerged one of pop culture’s most regular binary discussion starters among nerds, there with “Marvel or DC?” and “CD or vinyl?” Briefly before 2015, you may actually argue that Star Trek had stood out as a cultural force, …

Alyssa Stringfellow car insurance

Woman “Funny” Car Insurance Photo Went Viral Globally

A United States motorist’s “embarrassing” car insurance mix-up has gone viral on internet globally. Alyssa Stringfellow, from Arkansas, posted on Facebook how she unintentionally sent pictures of herself to an insurance company instead of photos of her car. The mother, 25 years, said she would have to send across to …

alibaba single day record

Alibaba Hits Single’s Day Record Sales Again – $25 billion

Alibaba is setting record from time to time. Now, another Single’s Day record has emerged when the e-commerce leader made sales of more than $25 billion in product on the Chinese largest online shopping date. In its full figure comes 163.8 billion RMB, which is approx. $25.4 billion. This has …

trump on Texas shooting

Texas Mass Shooting – Trump Says Its Not A Gun Problem But Mental Health Situation

United States President Trump has replied to calls for control of guns owing to the terrible mass shooting in modern Texan history by maintaining that “it is not a guns problem”. Sunday’s mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in the remote town of Sutherland Springs, Texas, killed more than …

driver Melbourn australia

Hit-And-Run Driver Left A Little Girl with Fatal Injury In Australia

A cyclist girl, 13 years, is striving for her life in Melbourne, Australia,  after she was hit by a BMW whose driver ran away. The girl was riding at the edge of Bell and Sussex streets in Coburg around 8pm on Sunday when the vehicle hit her. The driver of …

Texas church shooting

At Least 27 Dead in Texas Church Shooting

A shooter got into a church in a small town, southeastern part of Texas on Sunday and started firing. This resulted in many fatalities and injuries, domestic media reported, quoting the county sheriff. At least 27 people have been confirmed dead as local officials stated. Read also : Pope Shows His …

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