Australian Christian Lobby explosion

Suspect of Australian Christian Lobby Explosion Is Found Dead

The Canberra man indicted for pyromania after an bombing outside the Australian Christian entrance office last year is dead. The lawyer for Jaden Duong, 36 years, who strived with mental ailment most of his life, affirmed his client died by suicide on Sunday. Giving a statement from Germany, Peter Woodhouse …

police officer new jersey sleeping with 15 year old girl

New Jersey Police Officer Arrested For Sleeping With A 15-year-old girl

A police officer has been detained after having sexual intercourse with a teenager who later gave birth to his child. Rafael Martinez Jr in New Jersey was said to had slept with the 15-year-old girl (information witheld) for at least one year in his house. This girl gave birth in …

Batman vs Pennywise

Take a Look At The New Batman Vs IT/PennyWise MashUp Trailer

Batman is in contact with a fatal new enemy like Pennywise the Dancing Clown in a recent fan-made mashup trailer. After a lackluster summer at the film box office, it has been a thrilling fall in cinemas for fans with the remarkable box office of IT, the original big screen …

cyber crime Pyotr Levashov russia US

Russia Stands Against US in Handing Over the CyberCriminal – Pyotr Levashov

The Russian government filed a report on Friday officially confronting the US government’s intention to hand over a suspected computer hacker detained this year in Barcelona in continuous efforts by Moscow to resist similar United States prosecutions. St. Petersburg local Pyotr Levashov was nabbed April 7 while on vacation with …

netflix the purnisher

Marvels The Punisher Trailer Gave First Appearance At Netflix Series

A trailer unleashed Wednesday morning gives the first impression at a streaming succession casting one of Marvel Comics’ most popular anti-heroes, The Punisher. Watch the trailer below… The Netflix series heroes ex “The Walking Dead” act Jon Bernthal as the title cast. As The Punisher in short shows in fellow …

Emmy Award 2017

Highly Anticipated Emmy 2017 Award Is Tonight

The movie stars of the small screen will come out on tonight for the 69th Primetime Emmy Award, which will happen at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Watch the nomination Video below.. Although the yearly TV awards event had one time rated lower than the Academy Awards in Hollywood, …

fellaini manchester united

Fellaini In Negotiation Of His New Deal With Manchester United

MAROUANE FELLAINI has been said to have opened negotiation with Manchester United over the extension of his deal with the club. Fellaini, 29 years, is in his last 12 months of his latest deal at Manchester United. He was largely connected with a transfer to Galatasaray this summer, but Jose …

hopeful singer x factor

X-Factor Contestant, Hopeful Russell Made A Flirty Rendition on Nicole Scherzinger, Guess Her Reaction

She is so loved for her captivating voice and attractive looks. Nicole Scherzinger was the attraction of another upcoming singer’s love as an X Factor candidate Hopeful made a flirty introduction to her in his audition on Saturday’s night’s episode of the competition. Hopeful Russell Jones, 25 years, home singer …

Jason Stockley set free

Jason Stockley, The St. Louis Police Officer Proven Innocent For Killing The Black Man

Now it happens again: A white police indicted of allegedly shooting at and murdering a black man was found innocent by a court. The current case is in St. Louis. There, a judge on Friday ruled ex-domestic police, Jason Stockley, innocent of first-degree killing for the 2011 shooting of black …

tobacco advert in Nigeria to be banned

Doctors Ask For Total Ban Of Tobacco Advert In Nigeria

Medical Doctors in Nigeria have drawn the awareness on the hazards attached to the smoking of tobacco to the government. Scared by the negative side of smoking on the health of Nigerians, medical practitioners, under the division of Epidemiological Society of Nigeria (EPISON) have asked for an total ban on …

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