Arsene Wenger Clears Air On Mesut Ozil Move To Manchester United

mesut ozil move from arsenal to manchester united

Arsene Wenger is very sure Mesut Ozil will be “100%” professional in spite of speculation stating the he may leave for Manchester United.

Many newspapers published on Friday that the German player had shared this with his Gunners colleagues that he will actualize the move to Old Trafford by January.

Ozil has strived a hectic season with Arsenal all along in what may be his last year with the club, his contract expires in the summer.

That circumstance may lead to Ozil – who joined Arsenal from Real Madrid for a fee of £42.5m four back – exiting the Emirates in January for a slashed-price fee.

However, the Arsene Wenger is confident in Ozil’s attitude and stated in the club website: “We have to control all forms of speculation when the players set to end their contracts.

“On the other side, to be professional is to give 100% so far you are somewhere. For the remains, we opened up countless times and said that is the case.

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“The media may say tomorrow that he has extended his contract here. It’ll be precisely the same, it will change nothing. When you play the next match, put your 100%.

“When a footballer plays for Arsenal FC, his devotion cannot be attached to the years of his contract, it has only to be attached to the duties and the aim he has to win the football game.”

Speaking to Sky Sports, Wenger went further: “It could be problematic for the press conferences, but for players it is not really the same. He is answerable for his conduct on the Saturday, he has a social agreement with his teammates.

“Players leaving or not isn’t a new thing and that is why I say you it is not justifiable. We all desire to play, and never want to miss a game in your life considering your future. You only concentrate on enjoying that day and giving ultimately all.”

Arsene Wenger was himself subject to frequent guess last season about his future after he prolonged renewing his contract at the club.

Arsenal won FA Cup in past season, but unfortunately didn’t qualify for the Champions League. This is the first time this will happen in his time at the club.


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