ArchBishop Of Canterbury Expressed His Opposition To Trumps Decision On Jerusalem

ArchBishop Of Canterbury Expressed His Opposition To Trumps Decision On Jerusalem

The archbishop of Canterbury has voiced out against “tyrannical and populist” global leaders in a Christmas message seemingly to be viewed partially as an contrary opinion to US president Donald Trump.

Justin Welby was preaching at Canterbury cathedral the same time as Pope Francis made indirect criticism of Trump’s decision in his traditional Christmas speech in St Peter’s Square in Vatican City.

The pontiff made direct reference to the incident in the Middle East just 2 weeks after the US President Trump ignited pressure in the region by disputably identifying Jerusalem as Israel capital.

In Canterbury, Welby made it known to worshipers that enough could be discovered from the nativity narration, where Jesus is “power seen in modesty”.

He said: “In 2017, we see round the world tyrannical heads that oppress their peoples, populist leaders that mislead them, corrupt leaders that steal from them, even simply democratic, purposeful leaders of several parties and countries who pose to be normal, errant human beings.”

Early this year, Welby openly voiced out against Trump over the president’s posting social media videos from far-right community Britain First. He made known at the time: “It’s greatly worrying that the US President has decided to raise the voice of far-right extremists.”

In Rome, the pope buttressed calls for a 2-state solution to the years-long dispute between Israel and the Palestinians just over 2 weeks after Trump fueled controversy by identifying Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The move infuriated Palestinians, who also desire the city to be their future state capital.

Four days ago, at least 120 countries supported a UN resolution appealing to the US to revoke its decision.

Pope Francis said the kids in the Middle East keep on ” suffering because of increased pressure between Israelis and Palestinians”.

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Imploring for peace particularly in Jerusalem and, at large, in the Holy Land, the pope said: “Let’s pray that the desire to reopen discussion may succeed between the parties and that a arranged solution can eventually be ascertained, one that would give room for the peaceful coexistence of two states in mutually settled and globally notable borders.”

He seeks God’s assistance to “all who are in the international circle inspired by goodwill to give a hand that troubled land, to find, in spite of grave barrier the peace, justice and security that it has long awaited”.

Francis started his “Urbi et Orbi” – to the city and the globe – spoke by urging Christians round the world to “identify Christ in the faces of little kids” in areas of dispute and strain “as the winds of war keeps blowing in our world and an obsolete model of growth keeps producing human, cultural and environmental decline”.

His traditional Christmas Day words outlines many of the world’s most unsettled places.

He said: “We see Christ in the faces of Syrian kids still labelled by the war that, in these years, has spawned such genocide in the country. May endeared Syria, finally, gain back respect for the honour of every person through a shared devotion to remake the fabric of society, without respect for ethnic and religious membership.”

He also spoke about the Iraq children, that have faced conflict since 15 years, and Yemen, “where there is a prevailing dispute that has been greatly unremembered, with huge humanitarian consequence for its people, who suffer from famine and the diffusion of diseases”.

He also made mention of the agony of kids in South Sudan, Somalia, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic and Nigeria.

Extending to other territories of the world, he prayed for unease on the Korean peninsula to be overpowered “and that mutual confidence may grow in the world’s interest as a whole”. He asked for “calm dialogue” in Venezuela and a stop to dispute in Ukraine.


Credit: Guardian

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