Angel Merkel Imposes Annual 200,000 Cap on Refugees Germany Will Accept


Angela Merkel has agreed to cap the number of refugees arriving in Germany at 200,000, as a modification during coalition dialogue to form a new government.

The German chancellor, who has opened up Germany’s borders to people running away from war in the Middle East and Africa, made the concession to protect the support of the regional Bavarian party the CSU (Christian Social Union).

The CSU, the regional sister party of Ms Merkel’s CDU, is more conservative than its counterpart in the rest of Germany and had requested a more right-wing approach from the Chancellor to secure its support.

After the far-right AfD party did well in the German federal elections last month the change of plans comes, securing third place and becoming the first far-right party to enter the Bundestag in half a century.

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The AfD made notable ground in the elections by playing off fears and worries about refugees and migration in general, and after the results became known Ms Merkel said she would find answer to the problems of people who had voted for the party to win their support.

Though million of Displaced people came to Germany at the height of the refugee crisis, the number has actually tailed off over, with 280,000 welcomed to Germany in the recent year.

As a result, if numbers continue to reduce, Germany may not have to turn refugees away as part of the policy.

Germany’s dedication still dominate that of the United Kingdom, which vow to take just 20,000 Syrian refugees over five years or 4,000 a year.

Both CSU and CDU agreement says that “the total number of the intake based on humanitarian reasons shall not pass 200,000 a year”.

The deal may actually be politically in Ms Merkel advantage because it allows her to change course on a plan fetching her party votes in some regions, without suffering the embarrassment of a self-imposed U-turn.

“What we can say in general terms is that the Commission think it very positive that the country that has already taken in more than one million refugees is showing readiness to welcome a further 200,000 persons a year, European Commission spokesperson said while speaking to reporters in Brussels :

“The Commission and its president has often emphasized how much we welcome the leading role Germany has been playing in managing the refugee crisis and building a joint European approach to migration to which this commission has also been central.”

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